October 22, 2020

Quality High CBD Hemp – Smokable Hemp & Pre-rolls

About Us

Berry Blossom hemp

Our Approach

All Hemp Life was formed with a passion to help others gain a better quality of life.

Our intention is to educate.

All of our plants are grown in limited batches to preserve freshness and maintain quality.  Every harvest passes a full compliance test from NV Dept of Agriculture and a 3rd party testing facility, then packaged by our team and delivered to our retailers within 30 days of packaging. We are striving to do something different in Nevada and we are putting quality first and not just mass produce plants.

Our Story

Our journey begins with you. Providing our friends the benefit of pure derived hemp that is cultivated in purely organic soil and nurtured in a small environment.  We are not about size or quantity, but giving you the best of what we grow.

We are a NV state licensed Hemp Grower.  All Hemp CBD products sold are derived from pure Hemp.

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Our products are grown to be the finest in hemp flower to smoke.

There are different types of hemp: the airy industrial hemp that they have 100’s of acres of which is used for bio-mass, it doesn’t taste good and sells for $150 per pound. Then there is what we grow: We care for our plants daily, we inspect them daily, we play music for them, we talk to them and nurture them. They are fed only nutrients found in the earth and grown in soil. Our plants take as much time, care and effort as a cannabis plant.